The Chill Method
Forced Role.jpg

TCM 17

Finally! The schedule is going through all sorts of changes right now, but it feels great to be back in the public eye again. Hope you all enjoy the new layout. There's a bit more tweaking to be done, but I easily prefer it to last years. I'd finished this comic a little sooner, but I desperately wanted to have this new system in place before adding on top with anything further.

This was actually one of our earlier ideas, and I even have a few doodles when I was first thinking of what a train robot would look like. This is also the first comic I've made in clip studio paint rather than Photoshop. Photoshop really can't handle the files nearly as well it seems, and there were all sorts of issues with the brushes, even important issues such as a delay in response, which on a cintiq is a real deal breaker. I may be new to Clip Studio Paint, but it just works so much better and really complements digital drawing a lot better.

I've never been the best with colour though, so I'm hoping to really improve my colouring methods this year as that's currently the part that slows the process down the most.