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Thoughts of a Cinematographer


.::Thoughts of a Cinematographer::.

Ask anybody from Paternoster about what my role is, and it'll probably be karaoke. I would dare say pointing a camera and lights at things to make them look good would be a close second. I'm currently looking through old hard drives to see what relics I can upload that were made pre-Paternoster Productions, but for now, this is a showcase of their amazing work just as much as it is for my show reel.

I'm not against working with other local groups and people, but I stand by the statement that you really can't find many (if any) quite like these guys. So here are a list of the films that I've had the pleasure of helping with. Enjoy and be sure to visit them at the following Vimeo and Facebook pages respectively, better yet; be sure to follow them!

.::Thoughts of a Cinematographer::.

Not everyday you get to sleep on set (overnight of course). This particular film saw me looking to improve the way scenes were lit with Paternoster in general; I'd like to think that I achieved this. It really is a joy to work with such a beautiful location too as well as great upcoming actors.

One of the best experiences I've had to date, even if my acting skills as an extra left much to be desired (I have a feeling I've firmly placed my active role behind the camera for future films). We had the entire house to ourselves, and a whole day or so to make it all; not saying time was on our side, but paternoster as a whole are much better at time keeping than I will ever be.

.::Thoughts of a Cinematographer::.

Sean's imagination is always intriguing to me. I would even say inspiring, as he's the reason I picked screenwriting back up after spending a long time away from the practice. I don't just mean all the different re-imaginings of this films one pivotal scene though, I'm also referring to the fact that each film he's written and directed has a very distinct theme and feeling from the last.

I really want us to return to this sort of film structure again in the future, one main location, constantly evolving with the way the situation is played out. Sure it's a short that uses the "bottle episode" format, but that's the beauty of a good short; it can do just that, and do it exceptionally well.

.::Thoughts of a Cinematographer::.

I always regret this one a little, I was between two different jobs (and a medical procedure) at the time, and I felt terrible about the circumstances preventing me from working on parts of it for a very long time. I only did the test shoots for each scene and the rooftop scene for the film itself due to this. I can't take anymore credit than that.

That said, I really loved the test shoots for the roof in particular. We couldn't get the location until the day, so we made a sort of run through "template map thing" with markings and tape in the middle of a park which worked out quite well.

.::Thoughts of a Cinematographer::.

I really loved this film from the get go of reading the script, plus it was my Paternoster debut, and their second film. There's something very professional about their self taught process. I think that's the main reason I've stuck with them for so long, because they just love making films for the sake of making them.

Just seeing this again, reminds me of the film lights setting off the smoke alarm... and how unbelievably hot they were in some of the locations. That said, I was still very much new with lighting a scene correctly in the early days. Lighting was covered a little in College and more so in University, but never really outside of a studio.