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Getting Out Of Hand

Apologies for the poor play on words, I've just been concentrating on improving weak points in my art (this week being hands) and so for a week this website has seen no updates at all, plus it's been even longer since this blog has seen a new post. I plan to start filming updates and putting them here and on youtube. I definitely prefer to waffle on than to type... typing is effort.

Last month I did pixel art everyday under the title "March of the Pixels". I'm going to go into more depth in a future video, but for now you can view the pieces I made 'here'. I really enjoyed the process of making 31 pieces of art, and it was an absolute joy to craft each piece using a 128 x 128 grid. after the challenge I found an app on my phone to do pixel art too, and I plan to at some point create smaller, yet trickier pixel pieces that will help me improve on structuring larger pieces that sometimes I didn't think went too well, or at least not as well as they could have.

That said I think one of my favourites has to be this piece:

Lips Pixel Art.png

Despite being one of the simpler ideas, this was easily one of the most fun. It's also one of the last pieces that didn't use a grid from a reference image as I later on started to realise that the nuance of width and height of each feature was something I was really slipping up with often in all my work to that point.

If you do like what you see enough to support me, (prepare for incoming plug) my 'redbubble' store will be getting a massive update soon, and if you just want to donate to the value of a hot beverage, you can do so at my 'ko-fi' which really would mean the world to me.

I'm keeping this post a little short, but I wanted to make sure you were at least up to date with things as they are.