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Returning to Facebook

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you that Facebook is a pile of sh*t and that my life has become zen/ woke or something, it’s absolutely not the case though. The way I was using it was the problem, Sometimes I’d scroll the wall to find something interesting to fill a bored void. It was an easy but unproductive way to fill time.

The thing is, the utility of Facebook is great, the number of times I wanted to share an experience or advertise my website’s changes when I couldn’t be were frequent during my time away from it all, and that was a positive sign to me. After all, it’s all about sharing in a familiar network of friends and family alike.

So what did I do while I was away?

Bought A Chromebook

If somebody had told me I’d buy a Chromebook in the future back when they first hit the shelves, I’d have never personally believed it; even now I’d thought about at least waiting for the upcoming ‘Fuschia’ release. The reason I got one, is a pretty simple one. It’s a cheap device with free word processing software that is light and compact for blogging.

I don’t think it’s unknown to anybody that the blog has been very random and spaced out with its updates. It’s just genuinely hard to take time out to write documents during art creation. This device allows me to keep on top of everything when I’m away from it all. There are plenty of moments away from home where I get short bursts of free time, not enough to draw in, but enough to write. I tried using my phone, but even the largest touchscreen in the world wouldn’t be able to reduce how many typos I make with them.

It’s the overall result of making sure my full-time work doesn’t obstruct my projects at all that really matters to me most. When I get home I don’t want to waste time with writing when I could be drawing, and when I’m away I want to make better use of writing since I have less time to draw.

Created the Unexpected

I don’t think I’m the best artist out there at all, and I let that get to me as if it even matters. I lose sight of what’s important, and forget to have as much fun as I used to back when I was really into the original Naruto series and Iron Maiden among other things (a weird mix, I know). I defeat myself a lot/ beat myself up, and I could always better spend that time doing.

Anyway, I’ve been really into researching anatomy more for a much better creative drawing of my characters and to also better deconstruct references that I view. Another thing I’ve started to really get into is painting landscapes from imagination using my phone too. I’ve only gotten one finished (it’s the blog’s image), but I’m always thinking of ways to play with the medium and its restrictions.

Then there was the redesign of this website and the upcoming new feature which is still in progress. I’ve kind of neglected the comic a little in pursuit of everything, but the comic is coming back properly soon enough.

Bought My First Car

So I’ve put off driving for ages. I’ve owned a provisional license for 5 years now… 5 YEARS! Don’t ask me how I manage to avoid my responsibilities so much, it’s a natural, effortless talent. I’m really glad I’ve finally started getting into driving though; I’m at a stage where I need to in order to get what I want in life.

Thankfully being over the age of 25 meant that I wasn’t hit too hard by insurance, if you’re younger than 25 the insurance starts at £2000-ish, and it’s both understandable and terrible that under 25's have to pay that much. It’s decided by statistics at the end of the day, the same statistics that believes that my age is what will have me driving more safely.

So far it looks like I’ll be getting a full license soon, which would be nice, as I’m planning to drive around Spain for my upcoming holiday in May, I also want to bring back vlogs to my channel by using the car as a studio. The old me had a green screen, the current me is all about going on a journey.

Had a lot of Introspection

So, after last years sudden burst of creativity, I had to take myself to one side this month (one of the reasons the comic got delayed) and really figure out the new me. I’ve built up a lot of walls that get in the way of the process and I’m starting to slowly take them all down so that I’m less tempted to avoid something that I honestly enjoy despite the struggles.

I know my limits, and I know I need to fail faster; I don’t think I need to lower my expectations, but I need to lighten my critiques so I don’t discourage myself from pushing on through. I definitely would have had the manga finished by now if I’d given myself TLC. No sense in thinking about it though, I’m not out of the woods on this front; but I can (kind of) see the exit, so to speak.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

If I keep on going, this blog will never end. I’m slowly getting things back to normal. I’m at least happy to be back to Facebook and the business page I have there so that I can keep people that have been in the dark, up to date. I’m also happy that this website is now into a strong version 2.0 to put everything together in.

Stay Fresh! Stay Chill!

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