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3 Weeks in a Row!

-- All New Comic --

I know it’s a small accomplishment, but we’re finally at 3 comics in a row, that’s a comic released every Monday. I work very long hours currently away from my passions, so to me this is a big deal. I wanted to get this out of the way before we get to the part that’s heavily my opinion and experience. This continued streak is in no small part thanks to my brother Adam who is essentially the writer of each piece, even in the last strip, he pretty much made the dialogue for it all… there was dialogue there, but he essentially polished it up.

-- Backstory to the Latest Comic --

So, I think I explain it vaguely in the upcoming podcast, but I hate spoiler content, and I for the most part really hate trailers for numerous reasons. It was hard to condense it all into 3 panels as the podcast definitely made much clearer, but I was passionate and wanted to vent frustrations about this pet peeve of mine.

-- The Full Explanation (possible rant) --

Okay, so let’s get the obvious part about the peeve out the way first, I fully understand that Trailers are in many ways a necessity to get people excited for an upcoming thing, especially when said thing is completely new. What I don’t like is how they’re unleashed to the cinema going public whether they want to know so much detail or not. Not only that but now you get trailers released in stages with new footage until practically the whole film is in them.

The worst part though is how cliché the editing process has become for any trailer of any genre, for instance, in an action film trailer, there will be sequences of black outs and loud bass noises from the soundtrack; in tense moments the screen will flicker, and there will be at least one build up where the music builds, the flickering intensifies until video and audio cuts out, and then they reveal something shocking… or, slightly more mysterious, they keep the screen black and have an ominous voice over clip tease you.

That’s just one example, but rarely will there be a trailer that tries to be something more than a speedy cut of the entire script. It got to a point a few years back where I started to avoid Trailers where possible, and I can honestly say it makes every moment much more exciting for me. Sometimes I’ll watch the trailer after, and I can honestly say from this perspective, I’ve dodged some real bullets by keeping the experience gripping and interesting- fresh even!

There was one piece of advertising that did reach me about Kingsman 2, but it was a brilliant misdirection; a teaser poster. It was simply an image of Colin Firth as the character Harry Hart, with a simple reference to his death in the previous film. That’s it, one image, and a billion questions (slight exxageration) left unanswered, I didn’t need some hastily put together wannabe dubstep music video to sell me on the premise, I HAD to know more… but I had to do it right, and so I avoided every trailer… and it was hard to do.

Could you imagine if books had trailers? The closest equivalent they have is their covers and the blurb; the rest is word of mouth, and it works just fine. Games are just as bad if not worse at the trailer thing though; I’m more of a sucker for watching some of these even now, but I’m slowly gaining willpower to do the same as I do with films.

You see the thing is my dear readers, if something is great, no trailer or demo is going to fill that void like the real thing, worse yet I’ll have a sequence of events to expect that cloud the other set pieces; There’s a real sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing out) with those who get way too invested in these trailers, and I’d argue there’s at least a correlation with their sense of disappointment with the final product because they gain an expectation that doesn’t line up with the film.

My advice: The next big thing you get excited for, avoid as much of the trailer and leakage as possible; see it first hand, experience it for the first time as much as you possibly can. Think of these experiences as meals, you can cook it and put it in the fridge to microwave in the future, but nothing will ever beat a freshly cooked meal that you can enjoy in the moment with no yucky aftertaste.

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