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-- Disclaimer --

I don’t work at any great speeds when it comes to traditional art. Which makes Inktober all the more challenging. This weeks comic has been on Twitter since Wednesday of last week as part of a challenge for @doodle_tube which is an art feed where weekly challenges are posted on Twitter.

-- The Latest Comic Strip --

The subject was weird wizards, and I immaturely turned to poop humour because of what was incidentally a ‘brain fart’ moment. I don’t get any luxuries that I’m used to on paper, so I tend to go in REALLY light with a pencil and treat that as a draft layer that I can constantly edit. I watch videos where artists completely bypass that step, but it’s just not the possible case with me.

Then there’s the tense moment of fear where I both worry about how much ink is left in the pen, and the overbearing factor that after spending so much time planning something, I could just mess it all up. Really does make me wonder just what it’ll feel like looking back on Inktober which is just under a month away.

-- Prepared? --

Yes and no, I have a feeling that I’ll leave the experience in a better state than I did going in, but I’m such a slow artist that I wonder if I really can do a piece of art a day. The 2017 to-do list is here at least, so I have plenty to pull from with the well runs dry at the very least though. Plus I want to do a couple goofy drawings and challenges on top of the more challenging pieces too.



-- Book ending Inktober --

Lastly, I’m working with Paternoster as Cinematographer on an all new film at the beginning and end of the month, so that’ll make me a very busy little bee, but it’s a welcome kind of busy nonetheless. If you haven’t already, you can check out my past contributions to their camerawork here.

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