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What's going on?

-- Late as always --

I mean that in every sense of the word too, the comic strip was supposed to be released Thursday, but instead was up on Monday, and now it’s Friday, and I’m just getting to blogging about it all. I’ve set up an instagram since this time too, so feel free to check that out along with all the other links at the top right.

-- What now? --

It’s all preparation on this end, we’ve got Inktober on the way, and I’ve been working constantly on getting the manga Imitation Dei ready for its shelf life (or digital shelf life). Every now and then I wonder if I’ll ever start a Patreon to try and get myself money which in turn gives me more time to work on it, but I’d rather introduce that once I feel like I’ve truly earned the right to ask for support. I’m definitely not a fan of receiving money when the product is still in the works.

I’m such a slow artist when it comes to drawing, but to be honest I definitely don’t do it nearly enough to get faster, and that’s one of the things that’s changing. I don’t know if others get discouraged and therefore stop dead because of a lack of progress, but I am getting in the habit of making progress and shutting up the discouraging voices in my head. I’ll let actual critics criticize me, as that definitely seems like a healthier road to improvements.

-- Sign of things to come --

I’m trying to get Ginny (a.k.a. The wife) onto this site with her artworks, but right now she seems very fixated on playing Xenoblade Chronicles X for the wii u instead of creating or uploading content. I had bought the game for myself, but I find JRPGs or even WRPGs are an unhealthy and depressing waste of life and time. I don’t hold anything against those who do play it, but I just end up leaving each experience realizing I just wasted my life… I love the narrative in each game, don’t get me wrong, I just hate the length between each plot point.

We Should be getting Adam (a.k.a. The brother/ writer for comic strips) onto this site too, as he definitely has a few things he can lend to the whole site. I can’t see there being any issue there, but he’ll be the first person I give a log in to, so depending on how good I am at this whole website thing, this may be in the near or distant future, and may or may not be with our without hiccups.

-- Looking for others --

What can I say really, I’m currently looking to host other creators out there and expand the site. And for that I’ve set up a dedicated address, so if this interests you, feel free to mail in to: with examples of what you can offer to the site.

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