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Cinematography and Social Ventures

-- What's happened since last time --

Well, the site is now live. Minor changes, that hopefully start to make a big difference will be frequenting the place. I'm also now on the lookout to start possibly expanding and taking on a variety of people; people that can introduce their creativity to you in ways that I wouldn't.

-- Cinematography --

I've been really looking forward to actually talking about this side of things since starting the website, but I really wanted to give it plenty of love and care since this type of work concerns more than myself. I've written a fair bit on the actual subject itself and each video HERE. Currently working on another film with the guys at Paternoster Productions too, in fact as I'm writing this I'm in the middle of preparations to go to London with the crew to film in a swish pent house.

I'm also looking to expand participation with other local film groups, as my hiatus from working with other film makers will be lifted once Imitation Dei's first chapter is out and all is rolling smoothly.

-- Social Media --

I would include Youtube in this category, and in essence, you will eventually be able to view my video based content both here and on the source page. I'm looking to start expanding, but slowly at first, so content will be infrequent for now since I don't want to come to resent/hate what I truly love. That said, every time I think I'm getting a little too comfortable, I have strategies to at least avoid a total slump. I also want to see whether collaborations are still a thing, as I'm all for doing the one thing I never truly did back on my older channel which I dare not speak the name of (it wasn't great)

Facebook; a page which is definitely one of the easiest to reach people with at the moment. I know where I am with it all really, and a fair few people seem to be checking out the potential Manga. Here's hoping that once it's all ready, that they stick around for it all too, I'm confident with the progress of it all anyway.

Twitter; I genuinely don't know what I'm doing with my twitter yet, but I have one, so I intend to give it all another bash. I used to use twitter as a platform to tell bad one liners and arguable dad jokes, so truth be told I may be using it correctly if I just maintain the old course. Such an experience when I logged back into it though, and the first thing I saw was a Christmas themed picture from 2013 (classy). So I immediately put a new post up with a less festive theme.

Where to next? I'm a sort of internet introvert really, so the immediate answer is that I just don't know. It's one of the other reasons this website exists, because it's a domain that I can retract to if the vast open world wide web seems like something I would rather do without for a while.

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