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- - - First Things First - - -

Thanks for coming, we've only just gotten started and I'm slowly getting used to how this all works right now. I'm constantly thinking up ways to really make use of this website. I'm pretty much entirely new to this way of doing things, so I expect there to be a few hiccups while I get to grips with everything.

Either way, this is just the beginning, and it can only get better.

- - - Imitation Dei - - -

I'm currently looking to self publish this series, with an eventual free online version that will be behind the paid physical release. I was pretty much set for the longest time on making a graphic novel/ manga, and it got to the point where I picked up the courage to really get stuck in with it all. I'd spend days daydreaming, and now I'm trying to make sure I convert the ideas into images that can tell you my very own story.


As a brief rundown, the series follows the character Green who finds herself recruited by an unknown agency that claims to be able to reunite her with an old friend; without hesitation, she agrees to their request, and that's where the first chapter will start us off. I've been working on this chapter for 2 years now or so, but the delay has been mainly down to how 'green' (pardon the pun) I am to the whole procedure and the overall scale of what needs to be done.

I've uploaded a few textless images here to a preview page HERE

I strongly recommend checking them out at any time. None of the images contain what I would consider to be spoilers as I have a love for keeping anything like that under wraps. I really care about making sure I give you a journey through this world in a way that you will remember. Through the good and the bad.

- - - The Chill Method - - -

The website was pretty much named after this series since both things are a slice of life in theme. This particular project was always on the cards, but I never had much reason to pursue it until very recently when my place of work went scouting for individuals to create a workplace comic strip. The result has been 3 submitted works; a pilot and two published strips. That said it's quite tense when it's being written for a corporate entity (as you can imagine the jokes can't be at their expense), and so I plan to make a few more personally relevant and unrestrained strips in the month of October for an event known as Inktober.

See more by heading to

See more by heading to

I'll be looking to record my progress in weekly video segments too, I've even thought up a fun alternative for moments where I get stuck so that I keep those creative juices going in ways that keep it fun and energised. Needless to say this website is sure to start filling up with more content for you all as time passes. Don't be a stranger and be sure to use the menu icon at the top left of the site and take a good look around. Better yet, comment with any thoughts below!

Until then, this is Chill, signing off!


Get it!?

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