The Chill Method

Chill Beans


Like the title says, I'm thinking outside of the box with some potential paths that the future may lead to. Because of this, all of the below is pretty unlikely (apart from maybe one), so just sit back, and relax… not too far back though otherwise you can’t read this. 


1. The Death of the AOL Browser  


Dear AOL,  

You’ve gotten rid of AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) this year; please finish the job. I really do feel that AOL would do better to get rid, and then make a Joanna Lumley extension for chrome. I wonder if that’s already a thing…

(searches chrome extensions)

Well there’s some that look a tad okay-ish, but I’m going with the hunch that some of these I just found have been created to give malware to the nostalgic elderly types. Anyway, it needs to go, and I think it will… I, at the very least, hope it will.

2.  I'll release Imitation Dei Before I Die

Imitation Dei has been in the works for well over a decade now, and for loads of different reasons I've not yet put it in the public eye in any proper way. This is mostly down to the fact that I've over the years built a lot of creative demons in my head, over the years, that have hindered progress massively. I've then had to spend at least the last 5 years knocking them down and getting back on my feet properly. 

I've been extremely quiet about the process and any suffering, just because I didn't want to admit that I was ever struggling with anything at all. Another reason was that I didn’t want to be another voice that tells people they're not okay and lays their problem in their lap when they can do literally nothing much to help. 

I'm only talking about any of this now, because I'm making my way out of that hell with the webcomic and with writing new scripts for short films and more. I have a lot of great friends, and I have been true to myself a lot more often. So, watch this space; I'm working on this daily and I promise it's on its way. 

3. There Will be a Great 3D Sonic Game

I think the way to make a great Sonic game is through people who really have the vision and passion for it to push through all sorts of hardships in development. SEGA had something brilliant going at one point. Due to so many different factors and bad luck overall, they’ve become a company that just doesn’t have the time or the budget to really make a game concept like Sonic work.

Mania meant so much to me as a longtime fan and it left me hopeful that a 3d Sonic could come from either a fan or a passionate SEGA member looking to make a major change. A good 3D sonic game however, is going to take more than the average 18-month window to make. We’re always left with games that are nearly great or far from it.

Even the greatest games lack the refinement to make them just as memorable as the 2d classics and Mania. To be clear I’m not attacking sonic team over it; it’s a hard character to translate into 3d space and retain everything that made the 2d experience brilliant. I genuinely believe somebody will do it, though. Given enough time, unofficially or officially, there will be a 3d sonic game that finally feels like an experience on par with the fluidity and playfulness of the 16-bit era.

4. Shenmue 3 Finally Releases (and everyone hates it) 

As somebody that has played the first and the second game; Shenmue 2's cliffhanger was so unreal compared to what had come before in its plot.The biggest issue right now with the third game is that people have had a lot of time to get an idea of what's to come, and nothing will ever match up to whatever expectations they have. 

There'll be a few people like me who try not to think about it, and try not to get lost in "what ifs" but we'll definitely be drowned out by plenty of angry voices, all singing a different tune in regard to what they didn't like about it from their mounting expectations. That’s if it doesn’t turn out to be vapourware anyway

5. The Oncoming End of the PC Master Race

Okay, going in deep here with my crystal ball on this one, but I have a good reason to suggest it. Firstly, I don’t think PC gaming is bad (apart from the windows side of it which can sometimes just simply decide to park you on the desktop once in a blue moon). I do however think it has always been rougher around the edges compared to console gaming where there are hardware based absolutes that game developers can work with.  

In terms of games that are smooth running and good looking, PC gaming is the best of the best, but there are simply way too many requirements and potential bugs to consider with every purchase. There are 3 main issues with PC gaming. 

THE FIRST: Windows 

I’m aware that pc gaming wouldn’t be quite where it is without the platform, but because its sole purpose isn’t just video gaming it’s easily problematic. Like the time I bought doom on steam; I then realized I had to mod it further just to get it to work if I played it in windows 8 and 8.1 (I think it was fixed in 10… it works now anyway), but back when I bought it, that was an issue you wouldn’t expect nor want with a game that was rightfully bought on anything other than a PC. Not to mention, a lot of CD based games now don't work at all, and the only OS they work on will eventually become extremely hard to come by and a pain in the rear to source and install just for those games. 

THE SECOND: Graphics Card Issues 

Some games just don’t run properly without TLC even when you buy the best of the best hardware. I had a nasty experience with Heroes of the Storm simply down to the fact my Nvidia graphics card wanted to call the shots with the game in question. Scouring forums meant I could fix the issue, but again, it meant I simply couldn’t hit the ground running with a game I wanted to play once downloaded. 

THE THIRD: Controller Support 

There are genuinely games that NEED controllers. I’ll use a mouse and keyboard when the game is best played with it. Sometimes games don’t support your controller of choice too even when they support a pad, so you have to buy or locate another gamepad or a decent key mapper just to stand a chance at enjoying what you bought. 

And That's That.

If the above three things don’t bother you, that’s fine. To some they’re not deal breakers, and the alternative isn’t perfect. That said, when games are made for consoles I’m at least safe in the knowledge I won’t be bumped to my desktop mid game, and it’ll usually have been tested on the hardware and come with settings for the type of hardware it knows will be there (even with the ps4 pro and Xbox One X console added to the list). 

So why will it all end? Easy answer, graphical fidelity is improving more steadily, and the next generation has grown up on tablets and phones. It's highly likely that console gaming will be somewhat replaced by tablet hardware too, especially since the switch has done extremely well in proving the market exists. I guess I could have said the end of PC AND Console gaming as we know it; but that’s not as shamelessly bait filled a title.

6. Scientific Processes Such as Lab Grown Meat and Cloning Will Lose Their Taboo Status. 

I think cloning is less likely, but lab grown meat that never had a brain or personality attached, for the sole purpose of eating it is a fantastic development. The idea that I can eat meat and know I didn't murder the animal is on a whole other level. It may seem like such a trivial thing, and you may think I'd do better to become a vegetarian/ vegan, but I just love the taste of meat, and if scientifically grown meat can save animal lives... GREAT!  

7. I'll have Written and Directed a Western Tokusatsu Series

This is something I honestly want to do at some point in the future, but it'll require quite a big budget to accomplish the right way... that or I bump into a lot of passionate people who like myself will do anything to make a fresh take on the genre, while providing nods to its inspirations. 

For those who are unaware, a Tokusatsu series, is a show such as Power Rangers or Kamen Rider,

I'm being extremely careful with how the idea is brought forward, as it aims to be a love letter to that culture; it's being worked on, but it's unlikely that it'll be out there any time soon. 

8. One Piece will End Well

As a massive fan of the 20 years plus series, I feel like it's reaching a point now where it's ready to start wrapping things up. It hasn't over stayed its welcome despite the long run time, and I want it to stay that way. Especially when it comes to the anime, it's important that it doesn't try to milk the proverbial cash cow in the same way that Naruto Shippuden did.  

Despite Naruto having a fantastic serialized manga run... the anime left a bad taste in my mouth with its over use of filler arcs and episodes that split the core narrative up until it was hard to really gain anything of substance without taking massive breaks from it every time it paused at a crucial point for more time wasting... EVEN AFTER THE MANGA HAD LONG SINCE FINISHED!!! 

This is probably why Boku no Hero Academia is the first major Shonen anime I can think of that handles its episodes in seasons. It really makes a lot more sense than padding a plot out. Anyway, what I'm saying is, One Piece so far hasn't let me down, and that Toei have been able to take a good look around at what mistakes others made around them so that they can keep on keeping on with the greatest Japanese anime/ manga series of our generation. 


I'm still a little skeptical of the Chromebook brand, but it's hard to deny that with the introduction of android apps to the OS, the Chromebook could in fact become the dark horse of the race. It only takes somebody passionate enough to make a great drawing app with plenty of resources and tools that an advanced Chromebook could use, and I genuinely think that a "Mobile Cintiq Chromebook thing" could be a fun and potential creative tool in the future. 

Right now, I'll stick with my Smith Micro/ Adobe software, my Cintiq, and windows, but I honestly would love to see an alternative that turns the digital art world on its head, and brings new conveniences to the table. There's so much potential in the platform, but with it, a lot of uncertainty as to whether the platform will ever push past its current cloud based uses.

10. True Gender and Racial Equality

I can dream can't I!? A filthy white cis male in glasses like myself would love nothing more than to see a world where the introductory label I gave is just that, a label. I don't care if you're a feminist or an egalitarian (they're just labels to make you feel like you're doing a good thing) I care about whether you put your money where your mouth is and seek pro-active relations with the people around you.

I think it’s better than it used to be, but we have a long way to go with racial equality too; there’s a term known as “white guilt” that gets thrown around a lot, and I think it was inevitable that at some point we’d be met with such a term. I’d rather just sort things out with the divide between races than feel guilty for what had been done by a previous generation, though. History is messed up, but if I sat around feeling guilty for every bad thing I’ve ever done I’d be stuck doing nothing at all (see me facing my demons and regrets in prediction 2.) last thing I need is to feel guilty for what others have done no matter what the reason when I could be helping fix problems. 

If there's a cause you believe in, stand up for it because you believe in it, if enough people feel the same, you won't stand alone. Admittedly the terrifying part is that you may stand alone, but that's never the point in life at all; it's not about going in thinking your path and choices are right, it's about talking with people who want to find the right balance within it all and truly get something that works from it.

No one person has the right idea fit for everyone else. I’ve seen a lot of people convince themselves that just because their opinion is something they feel good about, it gives them carte blanche to force others to see things the same way.

In the future, I’d genuinely rather not bring a generation into the world with weighted prejudice, and to try and influence as much barrier-removed equality as possible. I won’t ignore history, but I think it needs to stay as history, slowly but surely it should be as obscure to think of as the witch hunts in days of old, or the practice of rewinding a VHS tape; it used to be a thing, but now we’ve moved on. We’re better.