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Inktober Week 1

-- Inktober Week One --

Being two days in, not much has happened yet, we have a new comic strip (as usual) and a blindfold challenge. Either way you can view Inktober as it unfolds daily here and next week should prove to be a little more interesting upon reflection. Really been into my vector work lately, so at some point I reckon I’ll be working something that uses illustrator in given enough time.

-- Cinematography --

It’s going to be pretty tricky on the days that I film to then make any inktober art that I’m happy with, so I’m going to factor this in and make sure that no matter what I do, I upload something. I’m excited to get on with filming too; it’s a pastime that really keeps me active and social; everything else I do is pretty much all behind closed doors (with the exception of the odd submission).

-- The Schedule --

The way Inktober is set to work is as follows:

SUNDAY: Blindfold Challenge

MONDAY: The Chill Method

TUESDAY: #Drawlloween2017

WEDNESDAY: Half Week Half Hour

THURSDAY: #Inktober2017

FRIDAY: Mystery Art

SATURDAY: The Last Minute!

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